Dreaming the 5th World Circling Community

$18.00 / month

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“Dreaming the 5th World Circling Community” is a self-paced wisdom circle for ‘dreaming forward’ a global understanding of what it means to Live in Ceremony and Walk in Right Relations with ourselves, Mother Earth, and all her children.

In order to manifest forward what the Hopi call the new 5th World, we need to dream the same dream. And if we dream it together, we can bring forward something truly remarkable. We would like to offer you an opportunity as a circle in community; as a group, to focus on and empower what will bring harmony, balance, and peace to our world.

Open to all who want to ‘dream forward’ a new way of living on Mother Earth.  It is our prayer that you will join us that we may continue to dream forward a global understanding of what it means to walk in Right Relations with all beings on Mother Earth.

Blessing in your walk.

Where & When:
  • Self-Paced, Online‘
  • $18/ month. Your PayPal account will automatically be billed monthly for the length of your membership.
  • Enroll before the end of February and get TWO months of free access.
  • *If you try it an it’s not for you, you can cancel at anytime through your account on Hopi Wisdom Teachings
What you get:
  • Exclusive monthly teaching from Grandmother Medicine Song.
  • Monthly homework Challenge
  • Monthly teaching on Living in Ceremony

    Ceremony is central to the Hopi way of life. They literally live a ceremonial life. It is my intention to teach you how to live a Ceremonial LIFE and join with the Hopi in preserving Mother Earth throughout the ceremonial year. Even though we do not live in Hopi we can support and align with the remaining people of Hopi as they work to keep the world in balance.

  • Teaching and information on the Sacred Wheel, Way of the Walk and MORE!

    To assist you in manifesting this new 5th World.

  • TBA Zoom sessions with our Private Dreaming the 5th World Circling Community.

    Throughout the year we will offer current members an opportunity to meet and ask questions. Sessions TBA.