Dreaming the 5th World

Welcome Dreamers,

We would like to extend a special invitation to you to join with us in manifesting a new Dream.

In a recent podcast, Grandmother Medicine Song shared her thoughts on what the Hopi would call the 4th and 5th Worlds. We are in-between these Worlds. We live in the 4th World and the 5th World is not yet manifested. We don’t know what it is going to be like because we are creating it every day: through our thoughts, through our actions and through our prayers. This is what the Hopi call ‘dreaming forward’.

To manifest forward the new 5th World, we need to dream the same dream. If we dream it together, we can bring forward something truly remarkable.

To assist us all in bringing forward this new 5th World, we have developed the “Dreaming the 5th World Circling Community. This circling community is a self-paced wisdom circle that will offer you an opportunity: as a circle within a community, to focus on and empower what will bring harmony, balance, and peace to the world. Every month we will post a new teaching, meditation, homework challenge and any other material that will assist you in manifesting this new 5th World.

In Dreaming the 5th World Circling Community, we will be dreaming together a new way of being. We must ‘dream forward’ a New Story that honors Mother Earth and all of Life.  The story we have been living out of is not working out so very well. The Sacred Hoop has been broken. Now is the time for us to mend the Sacred Hoop and call forward a new beginning…a new 5th World.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. It is up to us. This is why we are here. This is why we are co-creating the Dreaming the 5th World Circling Community. We are attempting with our group to understand and realize we are all part of the Web of Life, not separate from it. As we move into this 5th World, our hope is the energy of our ‘circling community’ will expand to hold a healing, not only for ourselves, but for all living beings and Mother Earth.

According to the Hopi, we are moving into the 5th World and what we “dream forward” now will determine the direction of life on our Planet Earth. What are you “dreaming forward” in your life? What is your dream for other beings and for Mother Earth? Are you planting seeds of living in balance with the web of life?

Dreaming the 5th World Circling Community” is open to all who want to ‘dream forward’ the principles of walking in Balance, Right Relations, and Harmony within ourselves and with all beings on Mother Earth. Please share this opportunity with your friends and ask them to join with us to ‘dream forward’ this new 5th World.

During this transformative time on Mother Earth, we are calling forward this global dreaming circle. It is our prayer you will join us.

Kuyna (to sing) puuhu (a new) taawi (song).

Blessing in your walk.